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American/Other Artists

Specializing in Japanese woodblock prints for sale, we sell the works of many American artists and more, including several French artists who studied in Japan to learn the art of woodblock printing.  Many worked in the style and subjects of Japan, including Helen Hyde, Lillian Miller, Bertha Lum, and French artists Paul Jacoulet, Noel Noet, and many more.  Today, there are many artists working in Japan making woodblocks, some teaching all phases of production, and we occasionally have contemporary Japanese woodblock prints for sale as well.  We especially like the work of those artists whose works were produced at the turn of the last century, like Helen Hyde and Bertha Lum, among others.  While their works are pretty scarce, you might find some on our website from time to time, so visit often, we might surprise you!

Helen Hyde 'Bamboo Fence'

Helen Hyde (1868-1919)

'Bamboo Fence' 

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