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'California Oaks'

This lovely contemporary modern woodblock print depicts a California landscape with oak trees and mountain vista. The use of color is wonderful and the frame complements the art with the matting and framing, which is superb. This woodblock is highly embossed. It is signed by the artist whose name is 'S. Lanier'. I can find a couple of artists in California with the last name Lanier, but none of the work of either artist seems to be a good fit, so it shall remain a mystery for the moment. This woodblock is titled 'California Oaks', in a limited edition of 200, this is number 16. As noted the signature reads 'S. Lanier'. This lovely print's sight size measures 13" x 10", and the gold tone metal frame measures 18" x 14". It is in fine condition.    P3035     $135.00

S.Lanier (American, Dates Unknown) 'California Oaks'

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