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Welcome to my

"Japanese Woodblock Prints Gallery!"

Thank you for visiting my website. I started collecting Japanese woodblock prints long ago. I simply bought prints that I liked.  I had no idea who the artist was, nor was I able to read any of the title boxes.  I began adding books about prints to my library so I might learn more about the prints in my collection.  Well, fast forward to the present.  I've learned lots about Japanese woodblock prints, the artists, their history and styles, and frankly, I am humbled by how much there is to learn.  In reality, I learn something new every single day!  I have a vast collection of prints, which I have begun to sell.  It is a work in progress.  My goal is to show my Japanese woodblock prints, and perhaps move some along to collectors who will love them as much as I have through the years.  I hope you enjoy your visit, and return often to see what's new on the 'block'!

Hiroshi Yoshida 'Chion in Temple Gate'

Hiroshi Yoshida

Chion in Temple Gate

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