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This copperplate original etching by Willy Seiler was produced c1945. Seiler was a German who settled in Japan after WWII and mainly sold his prints to the American occupation forces there. He also taught art at the Art Academy in Tokyo during the occupation.  This etching from Seiler's Korean series, depicts two Korean men meditating. The title is printed in the lower left and the artist has signed in the lower right. The print is presented within a mat, under glass, and within a frame, and is likely numbered on the verso of the print.  This print measures 9" x 11.25", and it is handsomely framed in a frame measuring 13.75" x 16.75".  It is in fine condition.  Seiler traveled the world extensively, settling in Japan for most of his life.  He visited Korea and other Asian countries, drawing his subjects from his travel experiences.   P8864   $175.00

Willy Seiler (1903-1997) 'Meditating'

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