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'Seven Treasures Work'

 This enamel on copper painting depicts a festive dance scene.  It is entitled 'Seven Treasures Work', which references Japanese Cloisonne art or Shippoyaki artSeven Treasures refers to gold, silver, emerald, coral, giant clamshell, glass and pearl. These treasures are combined and applied to the copper surface and then baked to create a piece of Shippoyaki art. 'Shippo' means "Seven Treasures" in Japanese. This is a Japanese term used for enamelware. Seven Treasures refer to those treasures which are used as ingredients in making Shippo or Japanese Cloisonne artwork. 'Yaki' means "bake" in Japanese, and 'shippoyaki' is the Japanese way of making traditional cloisonne art.  This work has vibrant, rich enamel colors on a copper plate.  It is signed by the artist, but we cannot decipher the name.  The MBC or Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation was established in 1961 in South Korea.  They had a number of varied interests over the years, including a multimedia division, which included an art center and an arts company.  The company separated the art division as its own entity c2000. The art center has regular exhibitions, and sells art. We assume this was purchased by a tourist, and it is likely a contemporary piece from c2000 or so. There is no date noted on the piece.  It bears the MBC logo. The copper plate measures 7" x 4.5" under a cream mat, and it is handsomely framed in a metal frame measuring 12" x 9.5".  It is in original condition, no apologies.   P8534    $95.00

MBC Arts Co. (Munhwa Broadcasting Corp.) South Korea 'Seven Treasures Work'

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