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Young Asian Boy Watercolor

This original watercolor by R.A. Bernstein depicts a charming and handsome young boy in traditional Chinese clothing, likely for a special occasion. He stands before a poster with Chinese lettering, so I imagine he is of Chinese descent. The colors are rich and lush, and it appears to be a watercolor perhaps with pastel touches, giving it a wonderfully impressionistic presentation. This exceptional watercolor is well signed by the artist 'R.A. Bernstein'. We cannot find anything about the artist in our searches. It likely dates to the early part of the 20th century as this genre was a popular and endearing subject in the United States during that time. This watercolor measures 7.75" x 5", and is presented in acid-free environs on a black mat, and framed in a black frame measuring 15" x 12".   This watercolor is in excellent original condition.              P4590       $495.00

R.A. Bernstein (Dates Unknown) Young Asian Boy Watercolor

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