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This woodcut print by Helen Hyde entitled 'August', depicts an innocent and charming image of a sweet young child wearing her mother's sandals and nothing else She holds a hand-held fan to cool herself on a warm summer day. A tassel covers her flower  She's adorable!  This print has all the charms of Helen Hyde prints in which the child takes center stage, a simple image that truly warms the heart. This print was produced in 1914, in a limited edition, and bears Hyde's 'HH' and clover seals and signature in pencil, along with a copyright 1914 by Helen Hyde.  This print measures 8" x 3.5" and is framed in a lovely vintage goldtone frame measuring 14.5" x 9.25".  It is in fine original condition, with supple paper. Helen Hyde traveled to Europe and China, and in 1899, she arrived in Japan to begin training with master artist Tomonobu Kano. Hyde's prints are highly prized by collectors and considered scarce, if not quite rare.   P86322     $595.00

Helen Hyde (1868-1919) American, Lima, NY 'August'

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