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'A Weary Little Mother' d1914

This print is a very scarce and desirable round woodblock by Helen Hyde entitled 'A Weary Little Mother'.  It depicts a charming scene of a young little mother resting in a garden courtyard with her 'baby' on her back.   It is signed in pencil by Helen Hyde, along with a copyright and its edition number 70, along with the date 1914. This print has superb color and is one of just a handful of circular prints by Hyde. This print, matted in ivory, has a sight size measuring 6" in diameter, and its wood frame measures 13.5" square. It is in excellent original condition, with rich, lush colors.      P85333    $895.00

$OLD! TY! Helen Hyde (1868-1919) American, Lima NY 'A Weary Little Mother' d1914

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