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'Galloping Horse' (Battle of Changsha)

This handsome ink on silk painting depicts a famous horse painting by Beihong, a wonderfully talented Chinese painter. He is well known for his horse prints, particularly 'Battle Horses'. He died in 1953 and many painters who followed him emulate his work, so this ink painting on silk was rendered in homage to Beihong. We do not know who the artist was as we cannot read his cipher. This 'Galloping Horse' is beautiful, an active presentation in black ink over an ecru silk ground. This painting was likely painted in the 1960s.The painting's sight size is 12.5" x 9.25" under an ivory linen mat, and the simple brown-stained wood Chinese frame measures 18" x 13". It is backed by its original paneled backing, which has a couple of old tears, but still intact. There is a very nice ornate hanger. This painting is in excellent original condition.                  P2229               $175.00


Xu Beihong (1895-1953, Chinese)

Beihong, a patriotic Chinese citizen, painted this version of 'Galloping Horse' during the second Battle of Changsha in the autumn of 1941. At that time, the war between China and Japan had reached a stalemate, and Japan wanted to thoroughly defeat China before expanding the war to the rest of the Pacific. To make the Republican government surrender, they waged battle in Changsha several times, in an attempt to capture Chongqing, a vital strategic transportation point between north and south. In the second battle, China suffered a defeat, and Changsha was occupied by the Japanese. Xu Beihong was in Penang, Malaysia, holding exhibitions to raise money when he heard the news. He was very anxious about the battle. It is said that he stayed up through the night painting 'Galloping Horse' to vent his anxiety.

After Xu Beihong (1895-1953, Chinese) 'Galloping Horse' (Battle of Changsha)

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