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Famous Restaurants from the Eastern Capital: Koshu in Onarimichi, 12th month,1852.

A very lovely and delicate collaboration between Hiroshige - responsible for the landscape and the still life - and Kunisada who drew the portraits. This quite large series was commissioned by the publisher Fujiokaya Keijiro, presumably funded by the participating restaurants. The portrait depicts the actor Ichikawa Danjurō VIII in the role of Takeda Katsuyori from the play: Honcho nijushi ko. Takeda Katsuyori was a Japanese daimyō of the Sengoku period, who was famed as the head of the Takeda clan and the successor to the legendary warlord Takeda Shingen. On his war banners, he was known to include the motto Furinkazan (Wind, Forest, Fire, Mountain). This was short for “Swift as the wind, silent as the forest, fierce as fire, immovable as the mountain.” The Takeda clan were also well-known for their skill and the fierceness of their cavalry.
The two cartouches by Hiroshige are drawn in the manner of harimaze, small prints designed to be cut out and pasted on screens and such. The print is handsomely arranged in sections, highlighting the artistry of two masters of Ukiyo-e. This woodblock bears the seals of Toyokuni and Hiroshige, along with its title box and the censor seals of Kinugusa and Murata. The original edition was d1852, this edition dates to c1880s. Its sight size measures 14.5" x 10.5", it is matted in ivory and the simple black frame measures 21.5" x 16.5". It is in fine condition with slight fading of the red dyes. I apologize for any glare in the photos. This print presents quite handsomely.                                                                      
P7740                $245.00

Utagawa Kunisada/Toyokuni III/Ando Hiroshige: Koshu in Onarimichi

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