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'Tokiwa-Gozen Wife of Minamoto no Yoritomo'

From Story of Kantan Shokoku Monogatari by author Ryotei Tanehiko
Monochrome woodblock book sheet published by Eijudo c1834

This handsome black and white woodblock book plate dates to c1834 and predates color blocks. It depicts an image of 'Tokiwa-Gozen Wife of Minamoto no Yoritomo'. The book highlights biographical stories of women from areas in Japan. The plate is marked in pencil 'Par Kunisada' under the mat, and bears numerous margin markings, likely detailing the plate number, date, etc. Kunisada had a gift of uniting form and image with calligraphy. This woman is cloaked by calligraphy in the form of surimono; a poem or story of her life. This woodblock is free-floating, tipped to its mat at the top edge, and handsomely matted in ivory/white with a fine black piping line. The woodblock measures 7" x 4.5", and the frame measures 12" x 9.5". It is in excellent original condition, particularly given its age of nearly 200 years. This woodblock is professionally matted and framed in acid-free environs.                                         PG1                 $295.00

Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1865) 'Tokiwa-Gozen Wife of Minamoto no Yoritomo'

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