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'The Story of 47 Ronin' Series The most famous account of the story of 47 Ronin was the Kandehon Chushingura, originally written for the puppet theater in 1748 and later adapted for kabuki. To satisfy the censors, the actual names and locations were changed. The setting moved from the 18th century to the 14th, Lord Asano became Lord En'ya Hangan, and Kira became Lord Moronao. Oishi Kuranosuke, the leader of the plot, was called Oboshi Yuranosuke.  Woodblock prints of the drama also became popular, depicting both individual characters and acts from the kabuki play. The incredible popularity of the play and woodblock print images continued throughout the 19th century, and still holds fascination for viewers today.  This is a silk-infused print, which presents like linen is very handsome.  It is in excellent condition, with some creases. It measures 8.25" x 6".  This silk print dates to c1910.   P3614 

Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1864) A.K.A. Toyokuni III (1844-1864) 'Story of 47 Ronin'


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