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'Morning View of Nihonbashi' Station One from the Series Tokaido Road

This woodblock print depicts the Nihonbashi Bridge, the starting point of the Tokaido, with a daimyo procession crossing early in the morning as it begins its long journey out of Edo and toward the open gates of the district. Ahead of the group are the fishmongers who carry fresh fish from the nearby market into the city. It bears Hiroshige's cipher and publisher seals. It was originally introduced in 1833. This woodblock print dates to c1920 and was produced for the tourist trade. This woodblock print, in an ivory mat, is in excellent original condition. The sight size measures 5.25" high by 7". It is in a brown wood frame, 9" x 11.                P6847    $125.00

Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) 'Morning View of Nihonbashi' Station One

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