'Miya' from The Fifty-Three Stations of the Tokaido Road, Series No. 42
Two gangs of men and horse dragging a festival car (not shown) past the entrance to Miya Temple on a fête day.  The name Miya literally means "shrine", and is a shortened word denoting the Atsuta Shrine. It is one of the most important shrines in the country because it holds one of the three divine symbols of the Japanese imperial throne. Now Nagoya City has grown around the shrine to become the third largest metropolis in Japan. This print  measures 8.75" high by 13.25" long, including the margins.  It is in excellent condition, no tears, holes or stains.  It bears Hiroshige's Kanji cipher, a series and title box in Kanji script, and a date seal, along with the publishers' seals, original and later.

Originally published c1830-34, this later edition dates to c1950.    P3614  

Utagawa (Ando) Hiroshige (1797-1858) 'Miya'