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This lithograph print is a very sweet image of a young girl presenting a frog to an elder.   It is likely a scene from a fable or folk tale.  A lithograph is a type of printing process used to reproduce original works of art.  It is an authorized and many times originally crafted work by the artist or craftsman but does not require metal etchings like traditional woodblock prints do.  This print is a numbered edition, specifically, number 9/250, and it is signed by the artist, whose signature is not legible to our eye.  We imagine it is a work from the mid to late 20th century, as many woodblock artists still work in the traditional method.  Some younger artists in the 1950s embraced the lithography process.  This is an especially high quality litho.   P893     $65.00

Unread Artist 'Young Girl Presenting a Frog to an Elder'

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