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'Modern Geisha'

This woodblock print depicts a modern image of a Geisha or Courtesan. She is wearing an elaborate headdress with tassels. She has a full round face and dominates this frame with pensive deep, black eyes. Many manga artists in contemporary and modern times continue to draw inspiration from the 'Geishas' of old, and produce imagery that celebrates this age-old ideal, but with a contemporary and modern twist. This woodblock is well-signed and sealed, but we cannot read the signature. It likely was produced in the 1980s, given its subject and style. The sight size measures 18" x 16", and it is handsomely matted in black, in a simple gold tone bamboo frame measuring 23" x 21". It is in fine original condition. Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its large size.                  P29118                       $295.00

Unread Artist (Japanese)c1980s 'Modern Geisha'

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