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This surimono (small format) woodblock print depicts a Crape Myrtle blossom tree branch, laden with pink and red frilly blossoms.  It likely dates to c1950s.  It bears Shodo's red seal.  Shodo published many botanical woodblock prints in his lifetime, each prettier than the next.  This surimono print is handsomely matted and framed.  The print measures 6.5" x 4" on a black mat.  The frame measures 8" x 6".  This print was used to represent the month of August in a set of flower calendar postcards by Unsodo Publishers entitled 'Japanese Flower Calendar Vol. 2-Nihon no Hanagoyomi' after Shodo's death.        P9035     $65.00

Kawarazaki Shodo (1889-1973) 'Sarusuberi' or 'Crape Myrtle'

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