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'Children Frolicking in Autumn'

  • painting looks to be a combination print with both woodblock qualities and watercolor properties. It is painted on superb rice paper. The scene depicts two little boys who appear to be napping under autumn foliage in the form of fruit and feathery leaves, and a large sunflower and berries. They are set by a house with a big bright sun shining down upon them. This scene has beautiful bold and vibrant hues of color, with nice depth of field, adding dimension to the print. It is well signed with seals. This print measures 7" x 14", and the vintage Asian-style teak wood frame measures  11.5" x 20". It is matted with a silk brocade border, which is beautifully matted. print is in fine condition, with normal handling wear, but no apologies. There is a Japanese mulberry paper lightweight container box on the backside of the frame, with a tiny nick into the mulberry paper on a side edge. Given its style, we think this print likely dates to c1950. P4129   $145.00

Unread Artist 'Children Frolicking in Autumn' Mid-Century

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