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'Godaido Temple in Snow, Matsushima'

This small format woodblock print depicts a snow scene of the floating temple 'Godaido' in Matsushima. It presents like a winter wonderland, with the temple and its surrounding grove of pines laden with snow. This print was produced c1930 by Watanabe Publishers for the tourist trade. Hasui produced a number of excellent images for the tourist trade, one prettier than the next. This edition is authenticated by Hasui's and Watanabe's seals in the upper right of the print. The print, matted on black and ivory, has a sight size of 4" x 6", and the simple black frame measures 9" x 13".  It is in excellent original condition.       P5543                $325.00

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) 'Godaido Temple in Snow, Matsushima'

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