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'Court Ladies of the Edo Castle, Preparing for a Moon Viewing'

This very handsome print depicts a garden/veranda scene in summertime with Court Ladies attending a viewing of the Moon. There are three women, in regal attire enjoying tea before the celebratory event of viewing the summer moon. The colors are really beautiful, and the scene is quite pleasing. This is a print produced c1890 in Chikanobu's lifetime. There is a certificate of authenticity from Matsushita Associates from Oriental Bazaar in Tokyo. The series has several garden scenes in different seasons, and most include several people in the gathering. The sight size 13.5" high by 9" across. It is housed under a very nice ivory linen mat. The gold-leaf wood frame measures 18" high by 15"across. This print bears the artist and publisher seals, along with a title box. It is about 130 years old, and in very good condition.            

P4952                            $275.00

Toyohara (Yōshū) Chikanobu (1838-1912) 'Court Ladies of the Edo Castle

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