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'Marchand de Sel, Coree' (The Salt Seller, Korea)

This woodblock print depicts a man, a 'salt seller' at rest. The scene depicts a pleasing daytime rest, with a pot of blossoms nearby. The man has a large basket or sac, presumably full of salt. This print is part of a small series of designs by Jacoulet depicting Korean workers and craftsmen.  It has beautifully luscious color. This print would be numbered on the verso as are all of Jacoulet's works. It was published in 1936. This print's sight size is 17.5" x 13.5", and it is professionally, archivally, double-matted and framed in a complementary bamboo frame measuring 23.5" x 20".  The carver and printer for this 1936 print was Maeda and Honda, respectively. It was limited to 350 prints. This print is sealed with Jacoulet's 'Good Luck Hammer' seal in red and signed by Jacoulet in the body of the print. It is in excellent original condition.  Shipping will based upon your zip code because of its size. It will not ship at our flat rate. Please ask if questions. Thank you.        

Paul Jacoulet was born in Paris, but lived most of his life in Japan. His father was an ambassador, and his mother was a great supporter of his art career. During World War II, he moved to Karuizawa, where he survived in the countryside by growing vegetables and raising poultry. During the occupation, at the request of General Douglas MacArthur, he was recruited by Commandant Charles McDowell to work at the Tokyo Army College. MacArthur would join Greta Garbo, Pope Pius XII and Queen Elizabeth II, as a prominent collector of Jacoulet's work. P80031  $995.00

Paul Jacoulet (1896-1960) 'Marchand de Sel, Coree' (The Salt Seller, Korea)

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