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'The Moon at the Hirosawa Lake d1931 from the Series: Sites in Kyoto

This woodblock print depicts a serene and tranquil lake scene as the moon rises to light the night sky. The only other light comes from lanterns hanging in the open gazebo with travelers watching the moon rise. The pine trees are large in the foreground, giving way to mountains in the distance. This print, from the series Sites in Kyoto. This print bears Yoshimitsu's signature and seals, along with the publisher's seal for Sato Shotaro. This limited series print is dated 1931, and is a pretty scarce print, as are most prints by Yoshimitsu. This print is in excellent original condition. This woodblock is in acid-free environs. The print sight size with full margins is 9" x 14.25", and the black frame measures 11.75" x 17.75".       P75722                        $495.00

Nomura Yoshimitsu was born in 1870 into a family with a long line of artists that can be traced back to a great grandfather who had learned the ukiyo-e art craft from Kuniyoshi Utagawa. The young Yoshimitsu received his art training by his father and his grandfather in traditional Japanese painting style.

In 1891 Nomura Yoshimitsu made a little excursion to Western art as most Japanese artists did during the Meiji period, studying with a French artist who had come to Kyoto. He later established his own art school in Kyoto.

Nomura Yoshimitsu (1870-1958) 'The Moon at the Hirosawa Lake d1931

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