Album "Nihon Mokuhangasui" Noh Play

This print depicts two actors in a Noh play, one with a hand drum, the other doing a fan dance.

During the Taisho era(1912-1926), a publisher called "Nihon Shosui-sha" carried out a project of making reproduction of Japanese masterpieces for their selected members like Professors and Embassies in an album entitled "Nihon Mokuhangasui" (Japanese Selected Woodblock Prints). This woodblock print was one of the album's prints. The print measures 7.75" x 11.5", framed measurements are 12.5" x 17".  It is beautifully matted and framed in a Japanese wood-backed frame.   P5221b    $75

Nihon Shosui-sha (1912-1926) Album "Nihon Mokuhangasui" Noh Play


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