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'Festival' from Series: Flowers of the Floating World

This woodblock print depicts a festival with women and children in beautiful kimonos, viewing a booth of woodblock prints and  novelties. This print is from the series Ukiyo no hana (Flowers of the Floating World). Each print in the series depicts various accomplishments, activities and rituals associated with upper-class women. The illustrations include scenes like this one from Hinamatsuri (Girls' Festival) and Kikumatsuri (Chrysanthemum Festival). Some sheets, like this one  has mica and lacquer details. It was published by Akiyama Buzaemon, and is dated Meiji 30 and 31 (1897 and 1898)well over 100 years old. This print bears the signature and seals of Shuntei Gyoshi/Miyagawa. This early print is in superb condition. This woodblock is in acid-free environs. The print sight size with full margins is 13" x 9", and the black frame measures 17.75" x 11.75".    P40015         $375.00

Miyagawa Shuntei (1873-1914) 'Festival' Series: Flowers of the Floating World

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