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'Natsu: Joy of the Summer' from the Series: Poem of the Four Seasons

This very nice print depicts a summer scene in a restaurant. It is titled 'Natsu' which translates to summer. The series is a celebration of the seasons. The colors are rich and beautiful, and the scene, while busy, is quite pleasing. This is a print produced in 1853.There is a certificate of authenticity from Matsushita Associates from Oriental Bazaar in Tokyo. They titled it 'Natsu' and date it to the 1860s. My research reveals a publishing date of 1853 by the Publisher Sanoya Kihei. The sight size 13.5" high by 9" across. It is housed under a very nice ivory linen mat. The gold-leaf wood frame measures 18" high by 15"across. This print bears the artist and publisher seals, along with a title box and the censor's seal (small round seal), which was used to levy a tax on the publisher. This print is about 170 years old, and in very good condition.           

P4951                            $275.00

Kuniteru, Utagawa (active 1800-1850) 'Natsu: Joy of the Summer'

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