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'Wild Chrysanthemum of the Dry Riverbed' (Actor Kawarazaki Gonjûrô I as Yaegaki Monza['Wild Pink']), from the Series 'Popular Matches for Thirty-six Selected Flowers' [Contemporary Kabuki Actors Likened to Thirty-Six Flowers (Immortals of Poetry]

This handsome Kabuki theatre actor print captures a very colorful, active and dramatic scene, in classic Kunisada style.  The Series was introduced c1862.  It bears numerous seals of the artist, publisher, and a title cartouche representing the series of flowers.  This woodblock creped print dates to c1880s when 'creping' prints came into fashion because the images were used in books, and the creping process helped to make the prints more durable when handled.  The print measures 8.5" x 6", and the frame measures 16" x 13".  It has generalized mild toning.  It is framed in a classic Asian-style frame.      P9072     $145.00

Kunisada, Utagawa (1786-1865) 'Wild Chrysanthemum of the Dry Riverbed'

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