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'Actors & Poems' Series #49

Published by Sonoya Tomigoro. This Japanese woodblock print depicts the actor 'Ichimura Kakitsu' as 'Fuwa Banzaemon'.  There are numerous title boxes, including a Poem, and the cipher for Kunichika.  The original print was produced c1865, this print dates to c1920.  The print measures 13.5" x 9", and the frame measures 18.5" x 14". It is matted in a green linen mat, with a traditional black bamboo wood frame. It is in very good condition. Kunichika loved the theatre, drama and Kabuki plays.  He was a student of Kunisada, a true Ukiyo-e master.  While Kunichika enjoyed many subjects for his prints, his actor prints were his favorite, and it is said that his actor prints are his best work.     P9537     $145.00

Kunichika, Toyohara (1835-1900) 'Actors & Poems' Series #49

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