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'Waterfall and Morning Glories'

This woodblock print depicts a waterfall, with morning glories blossoms decorating the scene.  It is a beautiful tanzaku-form scene. Shoda's life is shrouded by mystery.  Some state that he lived between 1875 and 1925, while others say 1871 and 1946.  Shoda worked with Nishinomiya Yosaku, a Tokyo publisher.  He was a shin hanga artist, whose work was somewhat transitional, some works more contemporary, and others more traditional ukiyo-e images, like this one.  It bears Shoda's seals, which date to c1920, and is listed in a Hasegawa catalog of the period.  This lifetime print has gorgeous color, and it is in wonderful original condition.  The print sight size is 14.5" x 3", and the frame measures 18.75" x 6.25".  P1267    $145.00

Shoda, Koho (1871-1946) 'Waterfall and Morning Glories'

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