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'Dai-ichi (First National) Bank seen from the Kaiun Bridge at Shinbashi, Tokyo in Snow'

Series: 'Pictures of Famous Places in Tokyo'
This striking snow print depicts Kiyochika's transitioning style, beginning to show some westernization in his art, yet capturing the beauty of the Edo of old.   Kiyochika originally introduced this print c1878-9.  This edition is posthumous, c1950 and published by Mariashobu, Kyoto.  Kiyochika's first woodblock prints were basically in traditional Japanese style.  Around 1880, Kiyochika began using western elements like perspective, the effect of light and the graduations of shadows.  By that time, he likely had read about the
French impressionists and seen photographs of their works in newspapers.  In 1894 Kiyochika established his own art school. One of his students was Tsuchiya Koitsu who stayed in his master's home for 19 years. Today Kobayashi is considered as the last master of the "old" ukiyo-e. However, he was able to combine traditional ukiyo-e with modern Western style and thus showed a new direction for a subsequent generation of young artists like Hasui Kawase or Hiroshi Yoshida.  Kiyochika could not stop the commercial decline of ukiyo-e, but he paved the way for a new renaissance of the Japanese print - the Shin Hanga movement.  Kobayashi worked until the year of his death.  The print measures 9" x 14", matted in black.  The frame measures 14" x 17.5". It is in excellent condition.  US insured shipping will be $35.00.  P75211   $375

Kobayashi, Kiyochika (1847-1915) 'Dai-ichi Bank seen from the Kaiun Bridge'

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