'Riverboats and Bridge'

This lovely Shin-Hanga original woodblock print depicts a seascape of riverboats and a bridge.  Yoshikawa, also known as Etsuho is credited with a series of black and white prints, bordered in red, and produced c1930.  The series has a transitional style with qualities of traditional  ukiyo-e, and all the character of the more contemporary early 20th century shin hanga  movemnet.  There is not much information available on this artist, but he was active in the 1920s-1930s as best as we can tell. This woodblock print is in excellent original condition. The woodblock measures 5.25" x 3.5".  It is in a black frame, 8" x 5".          P8536    $85.00

Kiyomine Yoshikawa (Etsuho) 'Riverboats and Bridge'


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