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'The Pond at Benten Shrine in Shiba''

This stunning woodblock print by Hasui depicts a lush panorama of flowering waterlily blossoms and leaves covering the landscape at the Benten Shrine in Shiba. Two women in beautiful kimonos stand on a bridge at the center overlooking the sea of blossoms. This print is considered to be one of Hasui's masterpieces. It has lush colors, a superb rendering of foliage by a master. Hasui first produced this print in 1929. This edition is from later in the Showa period, published by Hasui's original publisher Watanabe. It bears its title and publisher seals in the bottom margin, and Hasui's seal on the lower left of the print. This very hard-to-find print is in excellent original condition. The print, matted in ivory, has a sight size of 10.5" x 15.25", and the simple black frame measures 16.5" x 20.5".  I apologize for the glare in some of the photos. This print presents beautifully.                            P96568               $1895.00

Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) 'The Pond at Benten Shrine in Shiba''

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