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'Looking Out...'

This stunning beauty is looking out from a rounded window. The rain is gently falling on the Japanese lantern and plum tree beyond the window. It is a lovely, twilight design with a lantern providing just a glimmer of light. This very scarce print by Sozan exhibits very rich color and fine bokashi shading in the window light, shading from a mellow yellow to a warm orange hue. This print was first produced c1930 by Watanabe Publishers for the tourist trade. Sozan is known to have produced just a handful of woodblocks, most with a beauty gracing the image. The print, matted in ivory, has a sight size of 5.25" x 3.25", and the simple black frame measures 11" x 9".  It is in superb original condition.             P03114                       $395.00

Ito Sozan (b.1884, active 1920s-30s6) 'Looking Out...'

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