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Couple Walking in the Snow', From Shimbi Shoin's "Ukiyo-e Grand Anthology"
This print depicts a man and a woman huddled under an umbrella, below snow-laden pine branches.  It is from a 1903-1906 Series, Shimbi Shoin's "Ukiyo-e Grand Anthology".  The original edition by Koryusai dates to the Edo period c1768.   This Meiji-era print series from the publisher Shimbi Shoin (1890-1936) is considered a 'crown jewel' of 175 ukiyo-e masterpieces.  Shimbi Shoin's spared no expense on this series, pioneering the use of  'end-grain carving' (in conjunction with usual 'plank-carving'), which reduced splintering and allowed these prints of astonishing detailing to be produced. The print measures 11.75" x 7.5", and the frame measures 18" x 14". It is matted in a veneer mat, with red bead accents and a black frame. It is in wonderful original condition.            P6031      $125.00

Isoda Koryusai (1764-1788) Couple Walking in the Snow'

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