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'Buddhist Statues (Hakuho-Futso)'

This mid-century woodblock print depicts a contemporary modern abstract image in simple, basic black, white, ecru and ivory hues. This woodblock by Hodaka Yoshida is entitled 'Hakuho-Futso' in its Kanji seal, translation: 'Buddhist Statues'. It is dated 1954 and signed by Hodaka in pencil in the bottom margin. This print measures about 17" x 11" under a black mat, and the original wood frame, with wood veneer backing, measures 22.5" x 18". It is in excellent original condition, with just mild generalized toning.

Hodaka painted in a very modern style from the inception of his art career and is known for his modern, surreal, mythological, and abstract prints. He is also known as a pioneer and leader of early Japanese modernist printmaking. Hodaka broke the mold of traditional Japanese printmaking by promoting self-expression through sōsaku hanga (creative print movement) and broadening the range of once-confined style and technique. He was a true modernist and performed every aspect of the printing process himself, including the carving and painting of his woodblocks, as well as self-framing his art. He had a very edgy style and very fitting for the 1950s-60s decades. Hodaka's prints are pretty scarce, particularly with the interest in MCM Japanese prints.                                                                    P60032                            $695.00

Hodaka Yoshida (1926-1995) 'Buddhist Statues (Hakuho-Futso)'

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