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'Raicho to Komagusa' (Thunder Bird (Snow Grouse) and Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) Flowers)

Series: Japanese Alps; One of Twelve Scenes

This beautiful woodblock print depicts a thunder bird or common snow grouse and Dicentra blossoms or Bleeding Heart. It is a very sweet print, with gorgeous color. According to online sources, this print was first published in 1926 as a first and only edition in two different states - one with a gold background (ormolu) and one with silver background (mica). There were 50 impressions made. This later edition is sealed with Yoshida's Japanese cipher and seal, along with the title of the print in Kanji script in the right margin, and Yoshida's name is noted in English in the lower margin in pencil. This edition dates to 1987, made from the original blocks by the printer Komatsu Heihachi in a 'Japan Alps' special edition. This print is in excellent original condition. This woodblock is in acid-free environs, and is handsomely matted and framed.          P93521         $595.00


Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'Raicho to Komagusa' Thunder Bird and Bleeding Heart

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