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 'Osaka Castle'

  • lovely print depicts Osaka Castle high on its perch, and its graceful gardens and statuaries dotting its moat. This woodblock print was introduced in 1935. This is a lifetime edition, c1940s. It is a classic example of Hiroshi Yoshida's mastery of the shin hanga movement. It is oban size, a nice large woodblock print, in a complementary frame. The print sight size is 15.25" x 10.5", and the frame measures 19" x 15". This is a beautiful print, in typical Yoshida style. It has Yoshida's Kanji cipher, along with its Kanji and English title and Yoshida's signature in pencil. Yoshida self-published in his lifetime. There is generalized toning. P48516     $595.00

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'Osaka Castle'

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