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'Kameido Bridge'

This 1st edition stunning woodblock print depicts a group of visitors enjoying the spring blossoms and scenery at the Kameido Bridge. The Wisteria is blooming in the foreground in a lovely soft hue of pinkish purple, a classic Yoshida print.  The bridge shows  a robust and busy day with visitors as far as the eye can see. This bridge is famous for making a complete circle with the reflection in the water. The colors have a very sultry presentation, simple superb. This print was published in 1927. This is a first edition, authenticated by Hiroshi Yoshida's 'Jizuri' seal, which translates to self-published or by-my-hand to indicate that he published all of the prints in the first edition himself. It is sealed with Yoshida's Japanese cipher and seal, along with his hand-written signature and title 'Kameido Bridge' in English in the lower margin in pencil. It is in excellent original condition, with just mild toning. The print sight size is 15.5" x 10", it is matted in black and framed in a simple black frame measuring 19.5" x 14".                                                                      P72246                  $1495.00

Hiroshi Yoshida (1876-1950) 'Kameido Bridge'

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