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'Moat at Todaji Temple in Nara'

This woodblock print depicts an impressive black and white image of the moat at Todaji Temple in Nara, with a man and a woman heading in different directions.  They are dressed for the period.   The contrast of color is very pleasing to the eye.  According to our research, this print was produced c1940-50s.  Hara was active in the 40s and 50s, and while we found a couple of other images of this ilk, we could not gather any additional information on this artist.  We like the size of this print, and it overall presentation.  The print sight size is 16.25" x 12.25", and the frame measures 22" x 17".  This print is in fine condition, the shadows are simply glare from the camera.  P70013   

Hiroshi Hara (Active 1940-50s) 'Moat at Todaji Temple in Nara'

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