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'The Sacred Calf In the Bazaar at Agra' d1912

This charming woodcut print by Helen Hyde entitled 'The Sacred Calf .....In the Bazaar at Agra', depicts a young calf approaching a young boy and girl frolicking outside a storefront under the watchful eyes of a woman, in partial view.  The print is marked "Copyright 1910 by Helen Hyde".  It is signed by Helen Hyde in her full signature in pencil, and her initials 'HH' and the red clover seal.  It is pencil numbered 197.  Most of her series were produced print by print and limited in number.  The print sight size is 9.5" x 10.5", and the frame measures 19.5" x 20".  Helen Hyde traveled to Europe and China, and in 1899, she arrived in Japan to begin training with master artist Tomonobu Kano.  This is a beautiful woodcut, in magnificent condition.  Hyde's prints are prized by collectors and considered scarce, if not quite rare.


Helen Hyde (1868-1919) American, Lima, NY 'The Sacred Calf In the Bazaar at Agra

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