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'Hototogisu' (Little Cuckoo) From the series 'Nippon Mokuhan Gasui' (Masterpieces of Old Japanese Colour Prints). Publisher: the Nippon Gasui-Sha

This woodblock print depicts a Beauty and her maid watching a 'Little Cuckoo' in flight over a cloudy sky. The cuckoo is the harbinger of the summer months.  It was first introduced by Furuyama in the mid-18th century. This edition dates to 1925 and is from a series entitled 'Nippon Mokuhan Gasui', which was a compilation of old master prints of 'Beauties' from the 18th century. This nearly 100 year-old print has awesome color, very crisp and supple. It is matted in red and laid on an ivory mat board. This print is without margins, as was the original, and customary to the period. It measures 12" x 8" and it is framed in a goldtone bamboo frame measuring 15" x 11". The original protective tissue cover sheet with a brief bio of Furuyama is in a pocket on the backside of the frame.       P4056             $195.00


Furuyama Moromasa (1712-1772) 'Hototogisu' (Little Cuckoo)

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