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This very modern and contemporary Sosaku Hanga (self-made) woodblock print depicts traditional Japanese wooden farmhouses in winter. Featured are the traditional houses of Shirakawa, Hida, Gifu Prefecture, Honshu. They are called 'gassho-zukuri' (praying-hand style) houses, and the deep slant of the roof is the only way to withstand the thick layers of snow deposited in Hida every winter. This was the predominant style of domestic Japanese architecture throughout the country’s more mountainous regions, but today is confined to a handful of remaining villages. Fujita often produced multiple versions of a subject, this has the designation (A). There is a (B) version of houses, other farmhouses and in a different color scheme. This woodblock was produced in 1973. The colors remain rich and vibrant. This print is titled in Kanji symbols, which reads 'Silent Village in Hida (A), it is pencil-signed by Fujita and numbered #83/200 and dated 1973 in the lower margin. This print's sight size is 15" x 11.5". It is matted in an acid-free black mat and framed in its original bronze/gold tone frame measuring 23" x 18". This print is in wonderful original condition.         P7885                  $495.00

Fumio Fujita (b.1933) 'Silent Village in Hida (A) d1973

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