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'Resting Farmerette in Kyoto'

This woodblock print by Eiichi Kotozuka titled 'Resting Farmerette' depicts a female farmerette taking a rest. It has a very painterly presentation, but it is a true woodblock, which bears Kotozuka's seal and the Uchida Publisher's seal at lower left. A full publisher's cipher for Uchida han copyright is noted in the lower left margin. This woodblock print dates to c1950.  The print measures 16.5" x 11, and the frame measures 18" x 14". It is matted in a deep green complementary mat, with a black frame. It is in wonderful original condition.  Kotozuka attended the Kyoto Specialist School of Painting, and was one of the founders of the Koryokusha, a co-operative publishing company. He is most famous for his landscapes and wildlife prints. P3584       $195.00

Eiichi Kotozuka (1906-1979) 'Resting Farmerette in Kyoto'

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