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'Rose Finch Birds & Pine Tree'

This lovely woodblock print depicts a mated pair of birds, long-tailed Rose Finches with peach-colored chests in a pine tree.  It's title 'Matsu ni Tsugumi' is noted in Japanese characters in the right margin, along with the artist's 'Shizu' red seal, and the Uchida Publisher seal in black.  This series was produced c1950 in the lifetime of the artist.  The prints in this series are large, dai-oban size or essentially double oban prints. This print measures 17" x 11.5" and is framed in a nice wood frame measuring 24" x 20".  It is in fine condition.  Shizuo was born in 1917 in Ehime Prefecture and graduated from Kyoto Municipal Arts University. One of his teacher was Taikan Yokoyama. He was active as a painter and in restoration works of ancient paintings and temples.    P6752    $165.00

Ashikaga Shizuo (1917-1991) 'Rose Finch Birds & Pine Tree'

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