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Actors 'Segawa Tonishaburo II' & 'Nakamura Manyo'

The Actors 'Segawa Tonishaburo II' (R) as 'Yadorigi', wife of 'Ogishi Kurando', and 'Nakamura Manyo' (L) as the Servant 'Wakakusa' in the play 'Hana Ayame Bunroku Soga'.   Female roles in Kabuki theater were acted by oyama or onnagata, men who specialized in female impersonation. The skill and ambiguous dual status of such performers were a source of great fascination to the Kabuki audience. Gestures of the male actor epitomized those of a fashionable and beautiful woman, and were often more exaggerated than real. The play dates to 1794.  This is a later edition c1950.  It has superb color, with heavy mica accents.  The print measures 13" x 8.5", matted in red, and the frame measures 20.5" x 12.5" in  a nice silver tone finish.  It is in fine condition.     P3258     $135.00

After Sharaku, Toshusai (1770-1825) Actors 'Segawa Tonishaburo II' & 'Nakamura'

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