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'Hen and Chicks'

This charming woodblock print depicts a hen and her brood of chicks. Some stay close while others venture to wander. Many artists, like Sakai Hoitsu and Uno Joji produced prints in the style of Ogata Korin (1658-1743), whose work was considered a masterpiece of the early period. This woodblock print image which Korin introduced in the 18th century, is from the early 20th century, likely an anniversary exhibition addition.  Korin's Kanji cipher is noted in the lower left corner. This lovely woodblock print is set on a simple black mat and beautifully framed. The print sight size with full margins is 14.5" x 6.5", and the black frame measures 17" x 11".                           P7562          $195.00

After Ogata Korin (1658-1743) 'Hen and Chicks'

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