'Hibiscus in the Rain'

This lovely woodblock print depicts a pair of mated birds huddled together in a Hibiscus tree, which boasts a huge blossom and many buds in a heavy rain shower.  Yoshimoto worked with Nishinomiya Yosaku, a Tokyo publisher.  He was a shin hanga artist, whose work was somewhat transitional, some works more contemporary, and others more traditional ukiyo-e images, like this one.  It bears his Gesso cipher, along with the publisher's seal and the title of the print in the left margin.  This print dates to the Taisho period c1912-1926, well within the lifetime of the artist.  This print has beautiful soft colors and a quiet serenity.  The print measures 14.5" x 9.5", and the frame measures 19.5" x 14.5". It is matted in a pale green mat, and a simple black frame. It is in excellent condition.         P1546    $195.00

Yoshimoto Gesso (1881-1936) 'Hibiscus in the Rain'