'Horse 1' or 'Horse A'
This woodblock print is a classic image from Urushibara's series entitled 'Study of a Horse'. Some call this version 'Horse 1' or 'Horse A'.  The series colors are the same black and white, with gray touches, and the blocks are produced in a painterly fashion, very fluid.  It bears Urushibara's red seal and his pencil signature as well. This print dates to c1940s-1950s in the lifetime of Urushibara. The print size is 10" x 12.5", and the frame measures 15.5" x 18.5".  It is handsomely double-matted in black and white, very complementary to the print.  Urushibara learned woodblock printing as a young man. At the age of 19 he traveled to London to demonstrate carving and printing at the British Exposition in 1908. He remained in Europe until 1934, teaching Japanese woodblock carving and printing. He carved and printed numerous prints from designs of horses, flowers, and landscapes by the Welsh artist Frank Brangwyn. Urushibara also designed his own prints, many of picturesque European scenes. He also exhibited in the U.S. after 1945.      P9062   $275.00

Yoshijiro Urushibara A.K.A. Urushibara Mokuchu (1888-1953) 'Horse 1' or 'Horse A