'Act V (Godanme), from the series The Storehouse of Loyal Retainers, a Primer

This woodblock print depicts a fight scene in traditional Ukiyo-e style.  The battle takes place on a hillside, where cane/straw has been bundled for drying, and a partially crafted basket lies on the ground by a peasant, with a Samurai standing over him in a threatening posture.  This is an early print, which is triple-matted and handsomely framed.  It bears Kunisada's cipher, and its title box.  It was published by Ezakiya Kichibei (Tenjudô) c1834, and it has its Kiwame censor seal, which was used from 1815-1842, so it is hard to get an exact date. The print shows some evidence of its age, but presents very handsomely.  There is an old fold in the center and some wear on the edge of the bottom margin, but overall it is in good condition.  The print measures 14" by10", and the frame measures 19" x 15".   P7543     $195.00

Utagawa Kunisada (1786-1864) A.K.A. Toyokuni III (1844-1864) 'Act V (Godanme)'


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