'Herdboy with Flute'

This lovely small woodblock print depicts a shepherd boy playing his flute, as he rides the ox toward home.  The image is a contemporary modern celebration of the Chinese New Year in the 'Year of the Ox'.  It is derived from a Chinese Fairy Tale 'Nightingale Visits Plum Branch', from a picture book called 'Ehon Oshukubai of Tachibana Morikuni' in the chapter, 'Reed Pipe, Riding the Ox Home', which is centuries old.  It is a colorful woodblock made in the age-old tradition of the Chinese New Year.  It bears the artist's cipher and the printer's mark. This print measures 6" square and is framed in a simple wood frame measuring 6.5" square.        P093   $45.00

Unread (Chinese: New Year; 'Year of the Ox') 'Herdboy with Flute'