'Young Child Playing with a Kitten'

This woodblock print depicts a lovely scene with a young child playing peek-a-boo with a kitten, while a woman puts the finishing touches to her hair, with two young girls looking on.  The colors are especially vibrant.  This print measures 10" x 10" square.  It is handsomely matted in silk borders, and framed in a beautiful Asian-style teak frame, with an ornate metal hanger.  The frame measures 14" x 14".  The print is well-sealed, but we cannot read it.  This print is in fine condition with a nick in the wood at the top of the frame, along with minor tears in the mulberry paper on the backside of the frame, which are of no consequence.  Given its style, we think this original print likely dates to c1930.          P4267        $195.00

Unread Artist 'Young Child Playing with a Kitten'


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